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Louis Vuitton Bags in India – Where to Buy Them


Louis Vuitton bags are aspirational and coveted the world over! They are dream bags for women – whether saving for it while in college, for the fashion savvy, for women on the go or for the corporate diva. The monogram is undoubtedly the most widely recognized and counterfeited design in global markets. Louis Vuitton bags in India enjoy the same love and adulation. 

The iconic bags range anywhere between USD 2,000 to USD 20,000. That’s exorbitant to say the least! Some Louis Vuitton bags also appreciate in their value over time; hence are an investment rather than just a purchase.

These factors, combined with rampant counterfeiting, imply that one must choose carefully about what styles to invest in and where to buy from. You will find your answers about these and more in this post.

Where to buy Authentic Louis Vuitton Bags in India?

There are only three brick and mortar LV stores in India currently:

  • DLF Emporio, New Delhi
  • UB City, Bangalore
  • Taj Mahal Palace and Towers, Mumbai

Apart from the above, which are obviously not accessible to the rest of the country, there are several online retailers to source the authentic bags from – both new and pre-loved. 

New Bags

  1. Haute24.com

This is the most sought-after website I found for ordering Louis Vuitton bags in India. They sell new bags, that are ordered directly from US. They do not have installment options for the payment currently. However, they guarantee authenticity. They also offer returns and refunds, subject to a few terms and conditions. The best part is all prices are inclusive of taxes and even customs, so no additional hassle or surprises at the time of delivery. 


Pre-Loved Bags

  1. TheLuxuryCloset

This is a Dubai-based marketplace for pre-loved bags where you get guaranteed authenticity. However, you will need to pay customs at the time of delivery. The condition of the bag is clearly mentioned, so you can make an informed decision. They have a 3-day return policy and they will arrange for the return collection.

  1. ConfidentialCouture

Confidential Couture has been around since 2014. It is an Indian marketplace for buying and selling of pre-loved luxury goods. They specify the current state of the bag clearly and offer 100% authenticity. They do have EMI options for payment and mention hassle-free returns on their website but I could not verify the terms as the relevant page wouldn’t load. As it is India based, there are no additional customs charges. Pre-loved bags are not only easy on the pocket but help the cause of sustainability by reducing and reusing.

  1. Myluxurybargain

The collection of this pre-loved luxury goods marketplace is limited but includes some of the most popular LV bags – the Keepall, Speedy and Alma, for instance. They offer EMI payment options and returns too, but you only get the money back as store credits.

  1. Luxepolis

This is yet another marketplace for pre-loved luxury goods, with pretty much the same features as the others listed here – installment options, condition of the bag unambiguously displayed and hassle-free returns, with a few caveats. However, their website was a task to navigate through.

  1. Labelcentric

LabelCentric has limited options for LV bags – most of them are sold out. However, they guarantee lifetime authenticity along with monthly EMI payment options. One feature that sets them apart is the private viewing experience they provide in Mumbai, where you can try the bag at your home and then buy if you decide so. Trying such pricey accessories before purchasing results in a lot of peace of mind and saves a lot of return hassles. 

Which are the Popular Louis Vuitton Bags to Buy?

Personal choice is almost always the driving factor here. However, it would definitely help to know which styles are the most popular and enduring. I’ve narrowed down the list further based on the styles we need most in everyday lives – a travel bag, tote and crossbody. 

Also, whichever bag you ultimately choose, you might want to purchase it in its iconic monogram canvas or the Damier checkboard. These are the most popular patterns of all time. These patterns transcend trends and also retain (sometimes appreciate) their value over time. Below is a list of the LV favorites through the years:

1. Louis Vuitton Keepall

Louis Vuitton Keepall

It has stayed true to its moniker as the quintessential travel bag, since its introduction in 1924. Louis Vuitton quickly introduced the Keepall to meet the demands of contemporary travellers, riding on the success of its trunks. The bag rapidly became the darling of the travel class, thanks to its ample space, ease of carrying and durability that the LV monogram canvas is known for. 

2. Louis Vuitton Speedy

Louis Vuitton Speedy
The Museum at FIT on Flickr

The Speedy was originally called the Express and has been around since the 1930s. It was one of the earliest bags, is almost a century old and still retains that aura of awe. It is actually inspired by its predecessor, the Keepall.

The Speedy 25 (the number refers to the width in centimeters) came into being at the behest of Audrey Hepburn. The simplicity, the monogram canvas and the practicality of the bag to be used on a daily basis, have enabled the Speedy to stand the test of Time. You own a slice of its prized history when you own a Speedy!

If you want an even better practical version of the bag, opt for the Speedy Bandoulière, which comes with a crossbody strap. 

3. Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

The Neverfull has acquired a cult status since its debut in 2007. The name aptly alludes to the seemingly endless space the bag offers. Yet the bag is sleek and not bulky, making it the ideal choice for both work and travel. As with most other LV bags, the Neverfull comes in different sizes, that can accommodate laptops of different sizes. This classic tote style is equal amounts practical, modern and legendary!

4. Louis Vuitton OnTheGo

Louis Vuitton OnTheGo

This is the second tote from LV that has me gravitating towards it. OnTheGo is more structured and boxy than the Neverfull. The Monogram Giant canvas stands out, as does the interesting contrast with the Monogram Reverse on the side panels and the handles. It is a smart play on colors and proportions to create a unique façade. The longer shoulder strap and the top handles enable you to carry it multiple ways. The bag checks all the right boxes for travel and work, barring the absence of a top zip. 

5. Louis Vuitton Multi-pochette

Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette

The multi-pochette is one of the more practical bags out there, especially if you want to go hands-free. It combines multiple smaller bags to create a versatile hybrid crossbody. The Pochette, Mini-Pochette and a coin purse come together to create this trendy bag that Ananya Pandey and Anushka Sharma have frequently sported in their airport looks. 

6. Louis Vuitton Alma

The Alma was one of the earliest handbags designed by the House of LV, around the same time as the Speedy. It was, apparently, created as a custom order for Coco Chanel and only after her permission was the bag produced for the public. It is hardly a surprise, then, that the Alma enjoys such a celebrated status! 

Did you know that the bag was first named Squire, then Champs-Elysées after the Parisian street before finally settling on Alma, also named after a place in Paris?

7. Louis Vuitton Noé

Louis Vuitton Noe

The bucket bag is one of the most trendy silhouettes of recent times, but this bag debuted in 1932. It has an interesting backstory about the reason it was created – to safely carry champagne bottles. Today, the Noé is yet another LV classic highly sought-after by handbag enthusiasts. 

The important point to remember while buying luxury goods is to always check for the authenticity because of the high rate of counterfeiting. Do let me know in the comments if you have further questions!

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